New series TestLine 4 LL 40GHz

Telegärtner is progressively building up its TestLine series portfolio. Until now, high-quality RF assemblies for laboratory and measurement purposes were available for up to 18 GHz. By the end of this year, however, the TestLine product line will be expanded with high-quality measurement cables with 2.92 plug connectors for measurements up to 40 GHz. The new series will be named “TestLine 4 LL 40GHz” and will be offered in standard lengths of 300 mm and longer.

TestLine series

The extensive TestLine product line includes high-quality cable assemblies, termination loads, attenuators and connector savers. Thanks to their special cable connection technique and the use of very high-quality RF cables for low, stable VSWR values, the testing cables in the TestLine product line are ideal for measurements in laboratories, for production testing or in field measurements.

Every cable is tested individually and meets the highest requirements regarding electrical transmission properties. Due to the special construction and dielectric used, the measurement cables have excellent properties in terms of phase stability when bent. Another special feature is the precision plug developed specifically for the series and manufactured in stainless steel, guaranteeing a large number of mating cycles.


Technical data of new TestLine cable

2.92 Connector

The 2.92mm designation refers to the inner diameter of the outer conductor, which is exactly 2.92 mm. Another name – “K-connector” – refers to the K frequency band. The connector has the same mating face as SMA or 3.5 mm. The connector series, developed in the 80’s, is primarily used for RF measurements. The frequency range extends beyond 40 GHz.

To achieve better transmission properties, air is used as the dielectric, which differs from the standard SMA design. The connector is considered to be very robust and should withstand several thousand mating cycles without any negative effects on transmission properties.

Flexible low loss cables

Normal RF cables are usually used up to 6 GHz. At higher frequencies, return loss has an increasing influence on signal transmission. In the TestLine series special precision cables with outstanding transmission properties are used for RF assemblies up to 40 GHz. The dielectric made of extruded PTFE guarantees lower insertion loss. Special shielding gives the cable excellent screen effectiveness and return loss values, while still allowing flexibility and mechanical stability.

neue TestLine Kabel

Electrical Characteristics

Frequency range up to 40 GHz
Temperature range -40 °C bis +125 °C
Screen effectiveness -90 dB
Impedance 50 Ohm
Capacitance 86 pF / M
Phase stability vs. bending  4°
Phase stability vs. temperature  < 2°
Propagation speed   77 % typ.
Insertion loss (dB/m)
1 GHz 0,33
3 GHz 0,58
6 GHz 0,99
10 GHz 1,12
18 GHz 1,58
26,5 GHz 1,94
40 GHz 2,48


Summary / outlook

Telegärtner plans to continue building up its portfolio for high-frequency measurement technology. In addition to expanded measurement cable options in the TestLine series, additional high-quality measurement adapters are also on the agenda.

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