Small. Lightweight. Variable.

The new, compact, installation-friendly 4.3-10 connector series has been specially developed to meet the ever increasing demands in mobile radio communication applications. The small size and low weight of these connectors do justice to the miniaturisation of mobile radio network components. Despite their size, the connectors guarantee excellent return loss and passive intermodulation performance (PIM) levels. In addition, the new connector series is very variable, since one universal cable jack is suitable for mating with 3 different cable plug designs.


All of the 4.3-10 connectors meet the requirements of IP68 and, because of the excellent properties of materials used, are suitable for temperatures ranging from -40° C up to +85° C. Customised connector designs for use at higher temperatures are also possible on demand .

4.3-10 Connector Applications

4.3-10 RF connectors are for use in outdoor telecommunication installations, in mobile radio, communication engineering and radar applications.

telegartner telegartner 1 telegartner 2

1 Jack – 3 Plug Designs

The main feature of the push-pull design is the quick and reliable coupling mechanism. Because no tools are required to mate the connectors, any problems with packing density are immediately resolved.

The screw designs are more rugged because of the threaded mating and, despite the use of high-quality materials, are less expensive because of the simpler and cost-effective design.

Screw Type Handscrew Typ Push Pull Typ

4_3-10_screw 4_3-10_Handscrew 4_3-10_PushPull

  • screw-on variant with max. recommended torque of 5 Nm
  • for torquing by hand
  • quick engagement / disengagement
  • recommended for use in extreme climatic conditions
  • special feature to prevent unwanted loosening of the coupling nut
  • no tooling required
  • for indoor and outdoor applications
  • self-locking
  • for indoor and outdoor applications


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