Tallysman, a leading manufacturer of economical high performance GNSS antennas and related products, is pleased to announce a new wideband 28dB inline amplifier covering the full GNSS spectrum from 1 to 2 GHz.
The TW125B is a low cost, rugged, waterproof, low noise, low current/low voltage, 1 to 2 GHz band, 28dB gain in-line amplifier, specially designed to amplify all GNSS frequency signals, from GPS L5 (1164MHz) to GLONASS G1 (1610MHz) and beyond. The TW125B provides for much longer cable runs from antenna to receiver, for applications such as mast-mount, large vehicle and timing systems, without degradation of system sensitivity.
Its low loading allows for both the antenna and the TW125B in-line amplifier to be powered by the GNSS receiver. The amplifier adds just 12mA of load on the circuit, well within the capabilities of most GNSS receivers on the market. The TW125B passes DC supply to the antenna, therefore not requiring additional hardware such as bias-T, power cable and power supply.
The amplifier is available with TNC, N-Type, or SMA connectors.
The amplifier is REACH and ROHS compliant.

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