With the TW 95 panel feed-through terminal block, Phoenix Contact has rounded off its range of high-current feed-through terminal blocks to include T-LOX connection technology.

The terminal block is suitable for currents up to 232 A and voltages up to 1000 V (UL: 600 V). The spring-based toggle lever principle enables the reliable and convenient connection of large conductors with cross sections of 16 mm² to 95 mm². The conductors are inserted easily from above and the colored actuating levers are closed with a standard screwdriver.

Your advantages

  • Reliable conductor contacting thanks to programmed contact force
  • Fast and convenient conductor entry from above
  • User-friendly operating forces for the conductor connection
  • Quick, tool-free attachment to the housing wall

Main features

  • Currents: up to 232 A
  • Voltages: up to 1000 V (600 V UL)
  • Conductor cross sections: 25 mm² to 95 mm²
  • 1 to 6-pos.
  • Wall thicknesses: 1 mm to 5 mm

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