ODU connectors are ideally suited for mission critical military applications

ODU, a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing high performance connector solutions and cable assemblies, is presenting its complete ODU AMC® advanced connector solutions as well as its modular rectangular connector ODU-MAC® together with its portfolio at DSEI 2015 at booth S6-416.

Circular connector series for highest standards

Designed especially for military and security technology, ODU AMC® is an advanced and highly reliable connector solution with Push-Pull locking or Break-Away function for the next-generation soldier communication systems. This extremely robust metal circular connector series is designed for a large number of mission critical military applications such as: group voice and data radio, navigation module, soldier control unit, rugged computers and handheld devices, GPS antennas, night vision devices, unmanned systems and airborne vehicles. Rugged, watertight and easy to clean, these lightweight, non-reflective connector solutions have excellent EMI shielding within a compact housing. Individual contact configurations are available in one integrated connector solution: signal, low/high voltage transmission, coax/ triax. The ODU AMC® series include 4 different types of connector solutions: ODU AMC® High-Density, ODU AMC® Push-Pull, ODU AMC® Break-Away, ODU AMC® Easy-Clean. The ODU AMC® system solutions include also protective caps that ensure fast and trouble-free handling of the connectors and of the overall system and also integrated cable assembly solutions and overmoulding. ODU offers also options for “hot plugging” or hybrid insert con­figurations.

More than 70 years of reliable connector solutions

Vibration resistance, robustness, self cleaning, high mating cycles and low contact resistance: Thanks to the individually suspended Springwires, even in small diameters this contact offers a high number of contact surfaces – and ensures transmission security. The proven single contact technology is the base of many modules of ODU-MAC®. The open modular connector system combines the versatility of a rectangular connector with customizable modules to create countless custom connector variations for a wide variety of applications. Couple this with numerous housing options to create the perfect interface for transferring power, signal, pneumatic/fluid, fiber optic, coax and high speed data signals all in one easy to mate system. The result is an effective, compact and attractive overall connection with unsurpassed functionality. The ODU-MAC® is available in two basic versions: the automatic docking version in a modifiable aluminum frame that can be cut to length and configured for automatic (blind) mating or a design is using our standard rugged and solid housing for manual mating. The tried and tested connector family fits perfect to the military market. In radio and radar stations as well as transmission connectors in central electronic the ODU-MAC® ensures reliable con­nections and is constantly updated with new features. Rapidly evolving technologies quickly outgrow off-the-shelf connector systems: This is why ODU offers services for developing cus­tom connector solutions for specific military applications beside available standard solutions.


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