The MENTOR switch series use the same concept as the types that have been used
for decades and tried and tested a million times in industrial electronics. They are
developed to meet the special requirements of THT-technology. Push buttons and
switches play an important part in the area of front panel components. There is a
variety of types for specific applications. A fundamental differentiation results from
the way of operating those components:
tipping toggle switches, pressing, rotating,
sliding. Switches are offered as 1-
and 2-pole versions including a shifting
function. So called short lift buttons are
used for specific purposes.


General Technical Data (Selection and deviations from the following
general data: see description of the respective item)
Fixing elements Fixing pin and front panel hole
Solderability DIN EN 60068-2-20 (260°C <5s)
Operating temperature -40°C … +85°C
Climate GPF DIN 40040
Terminals tinned
Marking Depending on type printed or laser printed
Packaging Bag or stick
Housing material PC UL94 black

Technical Details
Operating voltage ≤60V ≅
Operating current ≤0,5A
Zero signal current ≤2A
Contact rating ≤6VA
Test voltage 500V / 50Hz
Volume resistance <30mΩ
Insulation resistance >1010Ω
Life time 2 x 104 cycles
ESD to front <8kV
Degree of protection IP 50 DIN 40050
Minimum order quantity for special design on request.

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