A big step forward for easier, flexible and instant smartphone programming using NFC via the ‘Finder Toolbox’ Android App.  
Finder has expanded its range of programmable products that use NFC smartphone technology with the launch of the SMARTimer–a new multifunction timer with two 16 A rated, and completely independent, output channels.
The SMARTimer features a large backlit LCD display for the easy viewing of operating parameters such as: Set time, current time and timing in progress; whilst the input command status and the output status are constantly displayed.
Programming is flexible, permitting the creation of application specific functionality from the combination of the 25 functions available for each channel. All programs can be PIN protected.
The Finder SMARTimer, with its wide choice of functions, extensive range of time scales and the ability to set the time in 0.1 seconds, seconds, minutes and hours, offers precision and the ability to set the time from a minimum of 0.1 second up to 9999 hours–(more than a year!)
The SMARTimer is available in two versions:
– Type with rated supply voltage: 110 … 240 V AC/DC
– Type with rated supply voltage: 12 … 24 V AC/DC
For both models the DC supply voltage is not polarity sensitive.
Where there is the need for a flexible, easy to install multifunction modular timer, or a timer with a precise and extensive range of time scales, the Finder SMARTimer is ideal.

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