Type 18.5D – Movement and presence detector with DALI interface.
Control and regulation of lighting level by one of three selectable modes.

Finder presents its new movement and presence detector Type 18.5D with DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface).
The detection of very small movements make this movement and presence detector particulary well suited for applications in schools, offices and other working environments where there is occupancy but not necessarily higher levels of movement.
A special lens has been developed to achieve coverage of both normal movements and micro movements – with two sensing zones of different sensitivity. Normal “movement” is detected over the wider area of 8 x 8 meters, while the “presence zone” has increased sensitivity for the detection of very small movements within a central area of 4 x 4 meters. The 18.5D can be used in one of three selectable modes – each responding in a different way to the detection of movement and the ambient brightness (as sensed by the integral sensor) .

Comfort ­­– Daylight-linked constant light level control: Adjusts to maintain a constant brightness level according to the movement and changes in ambient daylight, by increasing or decreasing the level of artificial light accordingly. This feature allows significant energy savings while maintaining a comfortable level of illumination. Particularly suited for small offices, classrooms or workplaces.

Simplicity – ON/OFF control with early warning: Works as a simple movement detector, activating the lamps at 100% power, but providing an early warning of an impending shutdown with a power reduction to 50% for 20 seconds. Avoids the sudden total shutdown of lighting.

Courtesy – ON/OFF control with early warning + courtesy light level: If the brightness level is lower than the set value, artificial light is maintained at 10% power, guaranteeing a minimum level of illumination at all times. When movement is detected, the power of the lamps is raised to 100%. There is an early warning of any impending reduction from the 100% power level by a reduction to 50% for 20 seconds. Suitable for common areas including lobbies, corridors and elevator zones.

With the 18.5D you can control up to 8 DALI ballasts. Addressing is done in “Broadcast” mode i.e. all the DALI ballasts are “slaves” to execute the command received from the movement detector.

Abridged Product Specification: adjustable delay to shutdown from 10 seconds to 35 minutes; level of brightness adjustable from 10 lux to 800; power supply 110…230 VAC (50/60Hz).

The new detector is supplied with all the accessories needed for either recessed or surface ceiling mount.



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