Aluminum Opened Clamshell Type

e-tec 22

E-tec is now the leading BGA socket manufacturer.
EP patents 0829188, 0897655 US patents 6190181, 6249440 Patented in other countries.
Opened Clamshell sockets are available for any chip size and grid pattern. The SMT socket is simply placed and reflowed
onto the PCB in the same way as the chip and occupies only a small amount of additional board space. The solderless
sockets are mounted with 2 to 8 mounting pegs to the PCB depending on the chip size. The Opened Clamshell retainer
uses does not require any tools for opening/closing of the socket for chip smaller than, and use a thumbscrew for bigger
component. In case of thumbscrew, a torque tools or adjustment of pressdown force are available with this locking
system also.

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