CONEC has extended its range of IP67 connectors with bayonet locking by a new power connector variant in addition to data and bus connectors.

The connector series is designed for industrial cable connections with IP67 protection and the bayonet locking allows a quick, simple and robust connection in harsh environments.

A 2- and 3-pos. version is available within the IP67 power bayonet connector series. The 2-pos. version is mainly designed for DC use up to max. 48 V DC and the 3-pos. version utilizes a premating contact for AC up to max. 250 V AC with protective earth contact (PE).

The contacts are designed as crimp variants for wire cross sections from AWG 12 to AWG 10 and optionally AWG 10 to AWG 8 for the 2-pos. and also from AWG 14 to AWG 12 for the 3-pos. version. The crimp connection allows for easy, safe and quick mounting of the contacts that are included in the connector kit.

Shape and panel cut-outs have been made according to the existing IP67 series for RJ45, USB 2.0 and Fiber Optic LC
Duplex which allows a flexible use of different connector versions within one system.



  • Easy and safe locking by bayonet lock
  • High current carrying capability
  • Cable to cable connection
  • Cable to receptacle connection
  • Protective cap with tether available

Fields of application:

  • Automation systems
  • Industrial process control
  • Communications equipment
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Outdoor telecommunications systems
  • Use in harsh environments
No. of poles Gender Current rating Working voltage Temperature range Suitable for cable sizes Degree of protection  in mated condition
2-pos. Male, female 30A 48 V AC/DC -40°C bis +100°C AWG 8* – 10
AWG 10 -12
3-pos. (2+PE) Male, female 20 A 250 V AC/DC -40°C bis +100°C AWG 12 – 14 IP67


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