ASIS-PRO Boosts Security of Its AdvancedTCA (ATCA) Platforms Products Line with SNMPv3, AAA and Enhanced Firewall

ASIS-PRO implementation of SNMPv3 in all three lines of ATCA / mTCA chassis products – MaXum, Perform and Genesis -enhances data security and provides a secure environment for systems management.

ASIS-PRO, a leading provider of ATCA based chassis systems for next generation Ethernet networks, today announced implementation of enhanced security for its line of products.
Data security is vital for security-minded IT system managers of Homeland Security, military, banking, public utilities and more, in order to protect their infrastructure assets.
ASIS-PRO is committed to be at the forefront of data and control security for chassis and server infrastructure systems.
SNMP is an interoperable standards-based protocol for network management, and SMNPv3 provides secure access to network devices by a combination of authenticating and encrypting packets over the network.

ASIS-PRO implementation of SNMPv3 in all three lines of chassis products – MaXum, Perform and Genesis -enhances data security by adding an additional layer of intelligence to its devices, thereby preventing attackers from gaining access and affecting the system infrastructure, configuration and operation. SNMPv3 provides this protection with several important security features:
– Message authentication to verify that the message provides from a valid source
– Message integrity to ensure that a packet has not been tampered with while in transit
– Message privacy by encryption of packets to prevent snooping by an unauthorized source.

The ASIS-PRO SNMPv3 implementation provides a secure environment for systems management using communication with authentication and privacy (AuthPriv) at the message level.

Other ASIS-PRO security features for chassis management protection include:
– Enhanced Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) functionality; this security architecture enables recording of AAA logs, providing users with secured passwords and access permissions to keep control over which users are allowed access to which services, and to keep tabs on how much of the resources they have used. Various network protocols that provide this AAA functionality, such as the popular RADIUS, LDAP and TACACS, may be integrated within the ASIS-PRO products.
– Enhanced Firewall security by providing support to the administrator to configure the iptables provided by the Linux kernel firewall and the chains and rules it stores.
– Removal of unsecured services such as Telnet
– Locking unsecured IP ports.

In a typical network without proper protection, the customer premises equipment are exposed, and can be used by an attacker to gain access to the network. Security, authentication and encryption have become essential factors in the management of Ethernet Services. With the built-in security features, ASIS-PRO provides added protection against potential hackers who may try to tamper with the system.

ASIS-PRO implementation of security capabilities on its chassis line of products – MaXum, Perform and Genesis – facilitates secured equipment monitoring by its demanding end-users such as banks, communications operators, utilities providers and more.

Mr. Shai Benchmuel, Global Sales Director, is quoted saying: “ATCA is gaining a great deal of traction in the IT Security, HLS and Defense marketplace where there is a real need for solutions for high-end computing, unbound by proprietary HW. The hardening of the Shelf Manager is considered as crucial by our customers in order to deploy mission critical applications”.

ASIS-PRO, a member of Trans-Innovation-Group (TIG), is a leading designer and manufacturer of complete enclosure for ATCA systems, mTCA, CompactPCI, and custom applications. Established in 1998, the company has been serving the telecom, enterprise, defense, aerospace, and industrial markets, bringing innovations in high-speed interconnect and thermal modeling that exceed the standard in performance and reliability.


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