- Mechanical Design-

TIG’s R&D team has extensive experience in the design of  standard Computing Platforms as well as high end custom Platforms for data processing, networking and telecom, high speed backplanes up to 100Gbps, control and monitoring modules as well as interconnects switching modules. TIG’s innovative designs solutions deliver the best quality and performance, while minimizing production costs. As a design and manufacturing group with extensive development experience.
Our Design and Development capabilities includes
  • Cabinets and Platform Design –  design of complete Platforms ,enclosures and cabinets based on the client’s SOW. TIG offers a complete design solution including System design, hardware and Software design , mechanical design, and pneumatic design, creation of the initial prototype, comprehensive system tests, creation of JIG for testing, design of testing procedures, manufacturing of the first prototypes and the introduction from development to manufacturing.

Part of our cabinets and Platform design includes :

  • Thermal Design – design of optimal cooling scheme, including thermal simulations, building and testing of a comprehensive thermal mock-up, as well as assistance in prototype thermal design verification.
  • High speed Backplane Design – design of high-speed backplanes for computing platforms, specializing in ATCA, mTCA, and AXIe standards. TiG’s backplane designs are renowned for their exceptional signal integrity performance.
  • Cables and Harnesses Design – design cables and harnesses according to the client’s requirements, including definition of components, creation of design drawings and product trees, support in the production of initial prototypes, and the introduction of the product from development to manufacturing.

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